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Using a top coat of clear nail polish is a necessary part in your daily nails or toes painting regimen. And for ladies who mostly like a neutral, some kind of natural-look, it is the sole part. A high-quality top coat makes a matte or shiny finish, but it works more than just aesthetics. The correct formula will also protect your pedicure or manicure, assisting to avoid peeling, chipping, and cracking.

No need to say, if you polish your fingernails daily or even one time in quite some time, ladies will need to have a top-quality topcoat on their hands. As with all beauty items, there’s a satisfying number of available options. You’ve got your mattes and your glossies, plus long-wear, chip-resistant, and quick-dry formulas. Then there’s daily nail gel and lacquer.

Not sure which topcoat is perfect for your budget? Our experts at HGS Cosmetics have got you covered. These are the best topcoats that are seen on the shelves of cosmetics.
What to Look For in the Right Top Coat
Following are some of the features to note while choosing a topcoat for your nail polishes:

Good quality top coats leave your fingernails with a shiny finish, though some offer a high-gloss, more reflective effect. If your nails become dull within some days, you may use a touch-up coat to bring back the shine of your nails.
Then there is a matte polish that provides a flat sheen. Matte top coats are used over daily shiny nail polishes to refresh the finish and offer a shine-free velvety effect.

Drying Time
A lot of topcoats are formulated to dry quickly. If a top coat dries out in just a few minutes, it will normally be present on the product label.

Or else, ladies can expect very clear top coats to dry to the touch in the time of 10 minutes and totally harden in about half an hour. With that said, the more top coats you use, the greater the drying time.

Lacquer vs. Gel
Daily nail lacquers are almost exactly just like the paint in that they air dry. Gel nail polishes, whereas, will only cure and dry under the special LED or UV lamp. Girls can get one of these laps from any website or at HGS Cosmetics.

When applying a gel, you should make sure that it doesn’t have a huge heat spike or a burning feeling when you are under LED lights. For gel coats, ladies like an ever-lasting non-wipe that remains shiny for some weeks to come. Some ladies like the non-wipe formulas as they give the most intense shine.

How does a top coat work?
The last step of the pedicure or manicure is the top coat. The extremely clear polish packs the colored layers underneath and assists in avoiding peeling, chipping, and cracking. But the thing doesn’t end here; a top coat also gives a pretty sheen to your nails. Either you like a matte finish, high-gloss, or shinny, a top coat assists you to get the effect that you wish for.