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Now is the best time to take a breather from a full face of makeup. When you’re staying at an apartment and virtually socializing, you have full license to give the skin a much-wanted break with a minimalist approach to beauty items. And while we are strongly in favor of playing with makeup for enjoyment (it can be a much-needed creative outlet), Ladies looking to embrace a more low-maintenance approach to their daily radiance should opt for a tinted moisturizer as it is their best solution.
Tinted moisturizer is an awesome substitute for those who don’t want to apply foundation or just need something airy and light on their skin. The moisturizer-first, coverage-second approach can truly work perfectly for taking your skin from uneven, red, or dull to looking like you tried (without needing to really do much). It’s a multi-tasking ability worker that blurs blemishes and makes your skin have an actually natural-looking shine.
Other than merely flawless coverage, you better look for more in the ideal tinted moisturizer. Try to find antioxidants to neutralize any sort of environmental damage, niacinamide to lessen pore size, SPF to protect against sunlight, glycerin to moisturize, and hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin. And PSA: People with intense dark skin complexion should try to opt for tinted moisturizer colors with golden or beige undertones.
Need a little help shopping for your new tinted moisturizer? Ahead, find the best-tinted moisturizers from famous brands according to HGS Cosmetics’ makeup artists and experts.

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