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The use of talcum powder to keep the baby’s skin dry and prevent rash is not something new. Talcum powder can help feel fresh, make you smell good, and allow you to beat the heat in summer. A variety of famous brands such as Nivea, Yardley, Axe, Wild Stone, Cinthol, Emami, Yardley London, Pond’s, etc manufactures best quality talc powders. There are various types of talc powders available on the market today. There are medicated ones that help you deal with issues like rashes, itchiness and more or you can just pick one that you can use regularly. They have pleasant fragrances and can give you various benefits.

Various Types of Talc Powders
You might be tempted to stick to the powder you are familiar with or you can try out new ones. Talc powder can be used as a face powder as well but you want to make sure if it is safe to be applied on the face. Here are some talc powders offered by the famous brands you might want to have a look at.

Sandalwood Refreshing Body Powder and Biotique Bio Basil:
It is a perfect choice if you are looking for talc powder that is free of harsh chemicals. It will keep you smelling good for the whole day while keeping body odor at bay.

Enchanteur Romantique Talc:
If you want talc powder that you can use on your body and face, this is a great choice. It has an amazing floral scent that makes you feel refreshed.

Enchanteur Enticing Perfumed Talc:
It has a vivacious fragrance of rose and magnolia that will make your skin feel silky soft and beautifully smooth.

Benefits of Using Talcum Powder
Talcum powder was first introduced by Johnson & Johnson for babies in the 1890s. It has talc as a key ingredient which is present as a mineral in clay. This powder can absorb sweat and moisture from the body and prevents rash. Today there are hundreds of different talcum powder bottles used by people of all ages and gender. Here are several benefits of using talcum powder you should be aware of:

If you have oily skin or it gets sweaty too much, talcum powder will be a good choice for you to stay dry and comfortable.

For dry skin, you need a mild powder or baby powder to use only the excessively sweaty parts.
For normal skin, you can use anybody talc depending on your requirement.

How to Pick the Best Talcum Powder?
The surrounding environment of where you live plays an important role in determining which talcum powder you should use. Those who live in a dry area are more likely to suffer from prickly heat. To deal with it, you can rely on prickly heat powder allowing you to remain cool and comfortable. Those who live in an area of humidity such as coastal areas might need mint-based, anti-fungal or other types of cooling powders that can keep your skin cool. And for those living in moderate and pleasant areas, a powder that keeps your skin adequately dry will be the best option.