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Whether you’re a powder, liquid, or cream gal, shopping for a top-notch foundation isn’t the end of the equation. You want something to apply it with, and fingers aren’t your best option every time. From buffing bristles to the cult old school beauty blender, the type of foundation brush you use upgrades the finish you achieve—and can even change your makeup to look like a total type of product. For example, if you’re after a full-coverage appearance, you’ll wish to try a gentle kabuki brush. But if you prefer a sheer finish, go for a lightweight stippling brush. Makeup experts of HGS Cosmetics have made your decision-making process a bit simpler by streamlining the only applicators you require for every application desire.

There is no other place like the internet. It is full of videos of cute pets and videos of people doing weird things to apply their foundation. Surely a great time to be alive. We must have seen ladies use the foundation with just about anything: From Louboutins to dish sponges, there must be someone who has a video of them applying makeup with it for the sake of content only. I would like to stick to my very own makeup sponge; thanks a lot.
With that said, not every makeup sponge is made equal. So what we, at HGS Cosmetics, have done is that we road-tested some of the most popular ones and filtered out the ordinary ones to find the best of the best makeup sponges. All of these will work well no matter how you use them.

How to Choose the Best Sponges?
Selecting the best sponge is a critical part of your makeup regime. The makeup sponge should match your makeup product, the contouring area of your face, and your expert level. You can’t get that look which you wished for if you don’t have the ideal sponge in your hand. You should consider these three aspects to look at when selecting a beauty sponge: porousness, shape, and size.

Firstly, the porousness of the sponge is a crucial consideration. The suitable makeup sponge should be sound absorbent but not visibly porous. The surface of the makeup sponge should be smooth to feel yet textured.

Secondly, you should consider the size of the sponge because they come in different sizes. Although the choice of size depends on your preference, using large sponges is a bit more challenging.

Lastly, the shape of the makeup sponge should be based on your target area-whether you need one that can reach hard-to-reach areas, larger portion application, or wish to have one that can do both.