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Soaps to Change Your Views About Soaps
We officially welcome bar soaps back into the game. They earn eco-points due to their long lasting time, zero plastic content and yes, user friendly packaging. The bar soaps are more sustainable and can save you tons of rupees down the line. They are now coming in a wide range of formulations to wash your hair, face, hands and body without any dryness. The demand for quality soaps has increased due to pandemic. This is true especially since washing our hands frequently is the ideal public health measure and safety precaution against the spread of Covid-19.

People consider bar soaps as the scarcely considered self-care products along with, let’s say, floss. Although shower oils, body washes, and scrubs can offer a cleansing experience that is no short of luscious, you will find something special about old-school bar soaps that provide a clean feeling that is so good. Whereas, people run for quality hydrating bath oils due to that same clean feeling. In the end, no one wants to strip their skin, leaving it dry, tight or itchy, right?

The never ending debate between bar soap vs body wash is a controversy. It is similar to asking someone whether they like crunchy or smooth peanut butter. Bar Soap and its liquid opponent perform the same thing, which is they both cleanse your skin. But the difference comes in the way they do it. To be honest, neither soap nor liquid soap has an upper hand over the other. Deciding one is better than the other is simply someone’s own preference.

You are here because you prefer bar soaps over liquid soaps. So, let’s back your choice with some of the benefits that bar soaps have over liquid soaps:

When you apply bar soaps directly to your skin, they work like a washcloth to perfectly rub away oils and dirt.
They minimize plastic waste since soaps are normally placed in minimal paper packaging instead of a bulky plastic soap bottle.

These soaps have ingredients in less quantity because they have no water content, there is no need for stabilizers for them.

The options are really endless due to countless brands launching their bar soaps and all claiming to be the best. So ultimately, the choice is yours. But to help you out, we did some scrubbing to provide you with the absolute best bar soaps to lather up with during your showers. Make some room on the soap dish for one of these great picks that will always leave your skin fresh and clean but never dry and tight.