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Scalp Care Products: For a Refreshing Scalp
We have always been saying that treating the cause of a skin problem is much better than hiding it. Because using makeup to hide a skin concern will only make it worse. The same goes for our hair as well, especially in the present times when so many dangerous foreign objects can ruin our hair health. The slogan has changed now-the new one-liner is that scalp care is the modern haircare. Being mindful of your scalp health is critical as it makes the right environment for healthy hair. You cannot have healthy hair if you don’t have a healthy scalp. Bad or poor scalp health can become the cause of visible signs such as irritation, buildup, and flaking. With the passage of time, bad scalp health can harm and lower the strength of the hair follicle. It further leads to unhealthy hair growth and, in a worst-case scenario, fallout, breakage.

Taking good care of scalp health is even more critical for those who have oily hair. The scalp is very fragile. People should prevent styling their hair with high manipulation techniques or high-tension accessories to prevent the danger of having gradual hair loss or traction alopecia. We know that oily hair is very dry, so the key to keep the scalp healthy and promote strong hair growth is moisturizing the scalp.
What are the main causes that lead to an unhealthy scalp, and what can be done to improve its health? We will get the answers from haircare experts of HGS Cosmetics.

Signs of an Unhealthy Scalp
According to most of our experts, there are multiple common signs that indicate an unhealthy scalp, including some of these:
Hair loss or slow hair regrowth
Hair breakage
Hair breakage
The huge amount of sebum (oil)
The hair is dead once it grows out of the follicle. But, the bulb in the follicle is alive. It can be influenced negatively by various things, such as from products and accessories we use, including conditioners/shampoos, styling products, hair colors, etc., to sun exposure, pollution, stress, and diet.

Following are some of the causes of the unhealthy scalp:
Washing the hair daily or over-washing
Washing the hair after a long time or infrequent hair wash
Poor Diet
Excess usage of hair care and styling products, especially silicone-based products.

Using dry shampoo
Using products having harsh ingredients such as soap, parabens, and glycols

What is the Solution?
Keep the moisture levels balanced and avoid harsh products to maintain a healthy scalp. Use a lightweight conditioner and cleansing shampoo to counter an overly oily scalp. For a dry scalp, go for a hydrating conditioner and shampoo. It is very crucial to get rid of any oil, product, or dirt using a clarifying shampoo. Also, keep your scalp revitalized with different ingredients such as caffeine that work to energize the scalp and rejuvenate hair follicles.