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Get Hair Rollers to Create Chic Hairstyles
Hair rollers are truly the only hair accessory linked with both grannies in nightgowns and bunny slippers, and willowy models backstage. And there are as various types of hair rollers as there are exciting styles to make with them. These are a brilliant choice whether you want to get defined coils or beach waves. The best thing about hair rollers is that they are an extremely healthy and safe substitute to heat hairstyling and are effective for different types of hair.

But with a huge range of available products, it is tricky to understand where to begin and which hair curlers are best to achieve the texture you want. No need to worry, we have got you covered. Our expert hair stylists will help you to navigate the beautiful world of hair curlers, so you don’t get lost in the crowd when you are in a cosmetic store or online. Scroll down to find out the best hair rollers available nowadays.

Types of Hair Rollers
Flexi Rods
Flexi rods are best to achieve the goal of having ringlets. You can bend them into any shape. They are kept anchored in their place without using clips or pins. If your natural pattern is short and the rod diameter is large, you can use them to stretch out tight curls. Flexi rods are also great for adding definition to kinky curly hair textures. It surely is used for a range of textures, especially shorter styles.

Velcro Rollers
Velcro hair rollers are most commonly overlooked by many. These humble hair accessories are used to create tight, small ringlets or voluminous loose curls. The technique of using them and their size decides the hairstyle that ladies can make.

Steam Rollers
Ladies love steam hair rollers the most. They give a safe, gentle type of heat styling, and have a huge range of curl and waves patterns. To get more than a curl, begin at your hair ends and roll up towards your scalp. If you put them a few inches from the roots and then wrap your hair around the cylinder, you’ll have more body.

Extra Large Foam Rollers
Extra large foam hair rollers are adorable as well as help you to create amazing volume and spiral curls. Professionals recommend to use these strawberry hair rollers with fine and oily hair that is straight and slightly wavy. It is so because hair rollers can easily absorb natural oils from the hair.

Foam Rollers
Foam hair rollers are best for a variety of hair types and are an extremely comfortable option for those who are looking to set their hairstyles overnight. The spongy, soft body saves your head from outer clips that hold the hair roller in its place while you turn and toss. If you want to sleep with them on your hair, keep the hair rollers a little loose around your hairline to avoid hair-pulling.