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Numerous things can effectively contribute to brittle, dry, and breaking nails. Possibly, you peeled off a poor quality gel manicure ( a prime no-no, but let us be honest, everyone has done it at some part of our life). Or chances are it is the dead of the winter season, and your nails are just as peeling and flaky as your hands. Or most likely, you have been sporting some sort of acrylics, polish, or gel since the early 00s and are ultimately going bare, just to realize how beat up your nude nails genuinely are. Or it’s just that you are going towards an old age; yep, similar to your hair and skin, pins also display the signs of age.

Regardless, in all of these cases and many others, a high-standard nail strengthener can be of huge importance. Integrated with a host of many ingredients such as essential minerals, vitamins, etc., to assist you to make nails stronger and harder, swiping on one of these is the best way to get your tips into a tremendous tip-top shape. How can we forget that these days there’s a huge variety of nail strengtheners on the shelf, with choices that can be used instead of post-gel mani, polish, under polish, you name it?

Take your pick from the best available nail strengtheners below, all of which are HGS Cosmetics beauty experts-approved. Trust them; your nails will say “thanks” to you.

What to Look For in the Best Nail Strengthener
As far as ingredients are concerned, seek out proteins in the nail strengthener. These proteins include wheat protein, keratin, and some others. Proteins are an essential ingredient for nail strengtheners because your nails are made up of mostly protein.

Clinically-Tested Products
Try to pick products of those brands and companies who test their products. In this way, you will prove that the product and ingredients in it actually work and hence, is the right product for you.

Biotin is another true-and-tried nail boosting ingredient, brilliant for helping to encourage healthy and quick nail growth.