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Having an arsenal of some of the best nail polishes of popular brands and a little practice that goes a long way when perfecting your manicure at home can let you achieve the type of impressive results you are used to leaving the parlors with. Ladies have their signature color they swear by, whether it’s a moody navy, a soft, dreamy pastel, or a timeless red that is popping up all over your Instagram.

But those who paint their nails by themselves know that not every nail polish is made the same: Some chip the same day, some streak, and some take hours to dry. You could spend years with ease looking for a formula and brush you adore the most-which is why makeup pros of HGS Cosmetics did the work for you and came up with some of the best tried-and-true nail polishes. From undoubted classics to indie brands having non-toxic formulas, scroll down to have a look at the best nail polish brands to add to your collection.

Tips On Choosing Right Nail Polish Colors
Your Skin Tone
Fair Skin
If you have fair skin, you can try to look for nail polish colors with a lighter tone. Always keep in mind to avoid dark colors, with red as an exception. You can give a shot to:

Pastel colors
Purple shades
Olive or Medium Skin Tone
This kind of skin complexion can typically carry any color other than gold and rust nail polish. The latter colors don’t complement perfectly the skin tone. You can go for:

Red (Orange-Red)
Blue (Sky Blue)
Dark Skin
It may be surprising for many but dark tones suit dark skin the most. Dark colors look simply vibrant with such skin complexion, and they pop out. Therefore, don’t opt for pale or light colors as they will look washed out with your skin. You may want to choose:

Darker berry tint of Purple
Neon and bright Pink / Fuchsia
Deep reds
Intense Cobalt shades
Cream and beige with a sheer
Latest Trends
It is another reasonable consideration to take while choosing nail polish. Give some attention to what is in the game and what is trending. Expert makeup artists are called that way for a strong reason, so you should trust them. Check out what’s hot and what’s not. Try out what’s on the radar, but you should also discern whether it fits you and your lifestyle or style, among few other considerations.

The Occasion
Where you will be wearing nail polish is also of huge importance. It is kind of weird to look so glammed yet totally out of place. Hence, you should select your nail colors according to the place you need to go. Decide whether you are just hanging out in the mall or what you will be doing during the whole day.

The Season
Choosing the perfect nail polish color also depends on the current season. It’s best if your choice matches the time of the year. Bright and fun neon colors are awesome color options for summer; darker shades complement winter the most, neutrals and nudes are suitable during autumn. Finally, pretty pastels look attractive during spring.

Your Makeup
The color of your nail polish and makeup can break or make you. The target for the fine type of attention so avoids combining your nail polish and makeup so that you look odd and outdated. The point is, you don’t want to look tacky, isn’t it? Being matchy-matchy is acceptable as long as it’s done perfectly. This makes you look pulled together.