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Balms are the ultimate slow-beauty products. They perform various actions on your skin, including hydrating, healing, and giving an amazing feel with their luxuriously thick oils. They are a great alternative to the fractionated lotions that crowd the shelves in drugstores. They have a mix of waxes, oils, and butter and contain no water content. They have been used for quite some time to soothe, heal, fragrance, moisturize, and smooth skin. Many of them are occlusive and thick enough to create a protective barrier for the skin.

The conventional versions of balms are mostly petroleum-based which is controversial because carcinogens are removed from it to make it safe to use. Generally, manufacturers are clear about the refinement process their petroleum jelly goes through, and they are mostly safe. You can also find some clean alternatives of petroleum jelly that feel and smell better and keep your skin nourished in a way petroleum jelly can’t.
Some moisturising balms are made with organic coconuts that retain the high concentrations of caprylic and lauric acids with the process called cold-centrifuged. Caprylic and lauric acids are found in breast milk and coconut and get degraded by heat. They treat the skin with an antibacterial, barrage of antifungal, antiviral, and various deep moisturizing compounds.

Some moisturizers & Balms contain a potent mixture of skin-healing oils from cacao and marula that calms and treats even the most sensitive skin. Balms containing eucalyptus and menthol, or citrus and floral extracts, are also great for sensitive skin.

When your skin needs a little more attention and love, moisturisers and balms are to turn to. Balm-textured skincare products are easily available on the market. They come in a variety of forms and types, from serums and light lotions to creams, ointments, and balms for different skin needs. These different forms are determined by water content; creams and lotions have the highest water content, balms are entirely free of water which leaves more room for concentrated moisturizing substances.

Balms are manufactured entirely with active ingredients that comprise only 10-15% of the ingredients found in lotions and creams. Balms are free of fillers, stabilisers, and preservatives, making them super concentrated with antioxidant-rich waxes, butter, healing essential oils, plant oils, and plant extracts. Different products have different combinations of these ingredients, but generally, balms are based on beeswax, which is a wound-healing, anti-inflammatory agent; olive oil, which contains Omega-rich fatty acids; and shea butter which is a great moisturizer and works well for scars.

Face balms are far more moisturizing than other options. The other moisturizing products are heavily water-based, evaporating from the skin’s surface, leaving a drier texture behind. On the other hand, balm traps moisture in the skin when applied to damp skin, which keeps it hydrated for the whole day. They also work as barriers that protect sensitive skin from environmental irritants.

Moisturizing balms have amazing healing abilities as they can repair any kind of skin condition, whether it’s eczema-prone, dry and peeling, or covered in burns.

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