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Medical Masks for Maximum Protection
As soon as the COVID-19 was first identified as a pandemic in March of last year, our markets became flooded with different kinds of medical face masks in no time. From a huge variety of styles and colors that let every one reflect their own personality, societies are full of people rocking various popping designs. But personal aesthetics is not the sole choice that customers have when we talk about protective medical masks.

These face masks are available in two main categories-Reusable face masks and disposable face masks. Which one is safer? What is the best one available in the stores? We asked medical experts of HGS Cosmetics and listed the best ones available out there. Regardless of which one you think is the best or which medical mask you find useful and attractive, according to our experts, one thing is for sure: Wearing any medical mask is better than not wearing a medical mask.

Medical grade masks are not suited for people in general. People may wear them if they are in a high-risk category. They can wear normal KN 95 masks or other good-quality disposable face masks. Medical-grade face masks are suitable for frontline healthcare workers only. No matter which medical mask you buy, the bottom line is just buy anyone and wear it. Above that, keep on practicing social distancing, wash your hands for twenty seconds frequently and take other precautions as well.

How to Shop for the Best Medical Masks
According to the government and WHO guidelines, the following is the criteria that a medical mask should fulfill:
They must be secured with ear loops or ties.
They must fit snugly-but comfortably-against your face.
They must allow for breathing with no restriction.
They must include numerous layers of fabric.
They must be washable with shape change or no damage.
It should have double filtration.
Do not sweat price points a lot. Costly medical masks don’t guarantee greater protection.

It is crucial to wear a mask whenever we go to places such as grocery stores, pharmacies, utility stores, malls, and cash and carry stores. Because at these places, it is very hard to practice social distance. The medical masks do not substitute or cover the need to wash hands and follow other SOPs. In fact, wearing medical masks is one of the SOPs issued by the government.

Medical face masks have exploded across our stores as people stock up, but not all of these face masks offer the same protection. Here, at HGS Cosmetics, we have listed some of the best medical masks that will surely protect you from the virus and other viral diseases. The masks are available in a huge range of colors, prints, and designs. Different masks have different grades. You can buy any of the masks that you find the best. All of these masks are of top-notch quality and from well-reputed brands. Simply place your order, and we will deliver it to your doorstep at the decided time.