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Want to know a fun fact about lipsticks? They are a type of high maintenance. And this is coming from us, makeup artists of HGS Cosmetics, who wear pink lipstick almost 90 percent of our lives. But among the meticulous applications, the touch-ups for when ladies inevitably eat yet another snack, and that moment when their lips devolve into a prune-like, dry mess- they can get irritating and annoying. And that is why we have recently become the proud leader of the lip stain world-the gift from beauty heavens.

Before your brain conjures pictures of the low-key trash lip stains of your school days, which dried out your lips like an actual Sharpie, you will be glad to know that today’s formulas are legit excellent. With lip-and-cheek combos, shade-changing formulas, and oil-stain hybrids, you can search for truly the ideal formula and color for your lips—and very great standards—without having to settle on another lipstick that somehow gets all over your fingers, teeth, and keyboard. And to get you started, We, at HGS Cosmetics, picked the best lip stains (yup, We’ve tried almost all of them—what fan club leader would we be if we hadn’t?!) below. Pucker up, and keep on scrolling: These are the best lip stains available out there.
No matter which lip stain iteration you adore the most, one thing about these babies is for sure: All you need to do is dab some pigment on the center of your lips, smack them together, and you are ready for the party. Not a single drop of shade will travel to your teeth, and post-meal reapplication won’t be a matter of worry. Trust us. You’ll be committed to the hue for the whole day. They’re called stains for a cause, ladies. They are in it for the long haul.

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