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The particular festive season is around the corner and is filled with more uncertainties than any year before. Still, if there is one thing you can be 100% sure of, it is that giving your makeup obsessive friend (without whom your life is incomplete) the best lipstick set is never a bad idea. Whether she wouldn’t be seen dead without their signature pink lip or can’t get enough nudes,
Here at HGS Cosmetics, you will get flawless lip sets that she will fall in love with, just anxiously waiting to be wrapped up right here.

This year, you will come across plenty of beautiful collections to give to your lipstick-hoarding friend or a lipstick rookie as a gift, including universally flattering colors and rich formulas. Below, at HGS Cosmetics, discover amazing lip sets.

Types of Lipsticks
All the lipsticks are broadly categorized into these eight types of lipsticks:

Satin or Sheer
These types of lipsticks offer the lips a hydrated and soft look and are ideal for your no-makeup days. Incredibly moisturizing and soft, satin and sheer lipsticks add a light wash of color to the lips you can build up by layering.

Somewhere matte and satin lies this type of creamy lipstick makeup. These lipsticks have the look of matte lipsticks and moisturization of a satin lipstick. Creamy lipsticks glide onto the lips easily and have more coverage than satin or sheer lipstick.

If you are on the lookout for a lipstick with intense pigmentation and staying power, you need to get yourself a matte lipstick. These lipsticks are super saturated and leave your lips with a flat matte finish. This type of lipstick usually has very little oil, so it can dry out your lips if you do not prep them correctly.

Lip Stains or Tints
Lip stains or tints are great when you want to add a flush of color to your lips without adding any sensation of wearing lipstick. Lip tints are usually super long-wearing and can come in various pigmentation levels, from almost sheer and natural-looking to vibrant and bold.

If you are instantly drawn to the sticky and thick lip gloss, you wore in intermediate college. You would be glad to note that lip glosses have come a long way. This is the lipstick makeup for you if you need your lips to have a glass-like or wet finish. Lip glosses have a low staying power and also have light to medium opacity. But the best part is that they keep the lips well moisturized in the long run. You can even layer lip glosses on top of other lipstick types to add some dimension and shine to the lipstick makeup.

Frosted or metallic
Frosted lipsticks were all the rage back in the 90s, off and on the runways and red carpet. Metallic or frosted lipsticks reflect light and make the lips sparkle and glisten, making them look fuller and plumper.