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Beauty trends flow and ebb as quickly as the light. Do you remember those pencil-thin brows which were super hit back in the 90s? Or maybe you dabbled with glitter roots during different seasons? While there will always be striking trends entering the beauty world at a fast pace, many of them have proved their staying power, namely, lip enhancements.

Lip augmentation is a semi-permanent, non-surgical, and increasingly famous cosmetic procedure that adds volume to your thin lips. But, there’s a substitute and more frugal treatment to make that flawless pout without committing to lip enhancement procedures long-term and the hefty prices that come along with them. Wondering what that is? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the Lip plumpers.
The plumper, your dream soft pout, is simply one lip gloss away, thanks to all the quick-fix lip-boosting glosses out there. These glosses, made with either collagen or hyaluronic acid, impart a subtle tingly sensation that lets your lips swell without going to a surgeon’s clinic. Ahead, at HGS Cosmetics, find the best lip plumpers for the soft pout of your dreams.

Buyer’s Guide: Lip Plumpers
How To Choose A Lip Plumper?
Lip plumpers transform your lips into a plump pout using their natural ingredients. These ingredients include ginger, menthol, cinnamon, capsaicin, and wintergreen, which make your lips swell naturally. You should look for some features when shopping for lip plumper:
It should not sting a lot.

Hydrating for chapped, dry lips
The right color to layer over lipstick and for the bare lips
Prevent the appearance of fine lines

How Does A Lip Plumper Work?
Lip plumpers work by locking the moisture in your lips. Ingredients like menthol, capsaicin, and cinnamon make your lips swell. They increase the blood flow to your lips to induce collagen production. This results in building up the structure of your lips and giving you a fuller pout.

How Long Does The Lip Plumper Last?
Depending on the plumper, its longevity may vary from 2 to 3 hours to more.

Is Using Lip Plumper Bad For Your Lips?
The level of elastin and collagen reduces in your skin with age. These are the fibrous elements that tend to keep the lips plump. Therefore, lip plumpers take help from irritants that puff up the lips quickly and make them appear fuller. These irritants make a tingling/stinging sensation.

Essential Tips for Using and Selecting the Lip Plumper
You need to check out some of the lip plumpers before zeroing in on your product. Because various lip plumpers, with their huge range of ingredients, react differently to different people.

Don’t go overboard with plumping. You should know the difference between a duck-face and a sensual pout. Overly plump lips appear unflattering and artificial.

Although some tingling or burning sensation is very common with several lip plumpers, wipe it off immediately if this sensation becomes unbearable.

When using a top-notch glossy or shiny lip plumper, focus on your cupid’s bow more than the rest of your lips. It will make a lovely highlighting effect.