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Buy Best Kajal Online in Pakistan
On shortlisting and choosing only one necessary item that Pakistani women cannot live without, we found that Kajal is that product. For some ladies, it is the only yet main essential that they keep in their makeup products kit. For the rest of them, it is the basic beauty product they have worn at some time in their life. Pakistan’s ever-changing climate makes us look like a raccoon when our Kajal runs down our cheeks.

Here, at HGS Cosmetics, we have found the best Kajal in Pakistan to offer you that brilliant smudge-free eyes all day. It is a place where you will find genuine products of all major brands and can buy kajal online at the best prices from anywhere in the country.

Girls embrace the enchantment of just one sweep of the best Kajal that does numerous wonders to their eyes. You can also accomplish such a great deal with the help of a top-quality product, regardless of whether you want to own a stunning and intense look, a meager stroke, or a smokey eye.

A girl’s aura is instantly improved using a top-rated Kajal. Young girls are in a deep and serious relationship with it from the time they used it and are failing to end this holy bond. Kajals have a special spot in their makeup kit. Of course, Kajal’s mysterious texture gives your eyes a new look. Your Kajal is the most adaptable makeup product that is used for achieving different lovely looks.

When it comes to the best quality Kajal Pencil in Pakistan, we know you are faithful to your favorite options. However, there are so many latest types of eyeliner and Kajals on the market. Let us admit, it is quite hard to see all of them in the makeup aisle and then choose the best-suited one. So, enough with the “kajal-o-mance,” let’s go through excruciating work and have a look at the Best Kajals to get in 2022 in Pakistan.

Different Types Of Kajal
Kajals are available in three different types in terms of formulations, and every kajal lover has each of these types of kajal in her makeup kit. Select the type of Kajal that suits you the best.

The type of Kajal you use is very crucial. We listed some of the premium Kajal Brands in Pakistan and we have brought to you the best place to buy kajal online. All of our concocted Kajals are as dependable and impressive as popular brands, some are shockingly remarkable!
Liquid Kajal
Liquid kajals have been on the market for a long time. You can create delicate and thin designs with this kajal on your eyelids. Applying this type of kajal requires practice and a steady hand.It is not recommended for newbies especially when you have a little time.

Recently some brands like Lakme, L’Oreal, and Revlon have been offering liquid gel kajal. These kajals give a prominent and natural look, but these are a little difficult to wear regularly. It would help if you were very cautious applying it. Mostly these are used by style enthusiasts or makeup artists.

Gel Kajal
Gel kajal is a perfect choice for those who won’t get that cat-eye look. Generally, products of this formulation come in a small pot including a brush for application. Also, you can use any dense angled brush to achieve that perfect flick at the corner of your eyelid. It will require some practice, this kajal has a creamy formula which makes it easier to create thick or thin lines. This formulation has many benefits including extra dark texture and long-lasting shade.

Powder Kajal
The most challenging to use is kajal powder. This is not the most convenient to use regularly. Some labels such as Revlon, Lotus, By Terry, and L’Oreal company Kajal powder. These kajals can be worn only using a brush.

Pencil Kajal
Pencil kajal is the basic type of kajal. The picture of a pencil kajal comes to your head when you think about kajal. It comes in both thin and thick versions so that you can use it according to your needs. This kajal is the best option when you are applying it on a daily basis. The tip of this kajal can be sharpened with a sharpener so keep one close by.

Best Brands of Kajal in Pakistan
There are hundreds of local as well as international brands that supply their kajal in the markets of Pakistan. Here are some best brands in Pakistan to start you off.

Maybelline is a perfect brand for you if you want to experiment with eye makeup products. It offers kajal in exciting colors which are great for evening looks. Also, they are available in various types of formulations including gel, liquid, or pencil.

Lakme is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan. They offer plenty of options in makeup. Some of the products that make Lakme an outstanding brand are waterproof kajals available in both black and brown. Moreover, they offer combo packs of foundations and lipsticks.

Revlon offers the best quality products including kajal. It is known for its metallic formulas which are unique in themselves and are long-lasting. The application is made easier with a wheel tip that rotates. You can find Revlon combos with your favorite lipstick shades, nail polish shades, eyeshadows, etc.

MAC is another famous brand of kajal in Pakistan. It is known for its soft pencil kajal that shades and defines your eyes with a silky, rich, and smooth finish. They have matte and color intensity formulas that help you achieve a long-lasting look.

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown is known for its smudge-proof and waterproof formula that can last for up to 12 hours on your eyes. They provide a high definition, intense look and have a richly pigmented formula. Also, they are suitable for sensitive eyes.

Kajals by Oriflame contain a variety of essential oils such as hydrogenated coconut oil, seed oil, and hydrogenated castor oil which soothe your eyes along with styling them. They create long-lasting formulas so you won’t be needing too many touch-ups.

Bourjois’ kajals are ideal for a night out with the girls. With their products, you can complete your smokey eye makeup with a single swish. Their kajals are formulated with coconut and jojoba oils which makes them glide on your eyes smoothly.