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Dewy, glowy skin is for life and not just for the summer season. They are more useful when all of your buddies have a ‘natural’ glow, and you cannot look to get pasty. The ‘glow from within’ appearance has been in for quite some time now and is no more reserved for your friends and soon to be mommies.

Illuminators are known for their multi-tasking abilities. For example, you can blend them into your foundation for a shiny finish, use them as an illuminating face primer before wearing the makeup, or wear it to the bridge of your nose, tops of your cheekbones, and your bow of cupid to really capture the light.
Dabbing an illuminator onto these places with a damp beauty sponge lets the metallic liquid truly sink into the skin, and opposite to many powder highlighters, it won’t seek attention to wide pores or texture.
Instead, it offers you a fresh-from-a-run, healthy luminosity that is extremely natural. But if you do need that intense highlighted appearance, wearing a liquid illuminator before using your powder highlighter will make it last much longer and pop even more. So, if you are to beam to the wonderlands, go through HGS Cosmetics selected best illuminators.

What’s the difference between a highlighter and an illuminator?
Although both of these terms are mostly used interchangeably, there exists a true difference. An illuminator is used on your whole face to make an all-over glow, whereas a highlighter is applied to add some light to a certain area on your body or face, like your nose. Plus, illuminators are worn by mixing into your face primer, foundation moisturizer, or on their own. On the other hand, highlighters are normally used after you have applied the foundation.