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Honey is a favorite food item of many of us. It’s a good way to sweeten our cereal when you want to cut down on your daily sugar intake. Honey is one of the most organic and oldest food items. They say that people have been using honey for millennia. It is used for both food as well as medicinal purposes. It is used as food more often than as a cure.

Organic Honey
Honey comes in a variety of forms depending on the bee that produces it. The most common type of honey is that which is produced by the common honey bee, i.e., genus Apis. Other bees that produce honey are stingless bees, honey wasps, bumblebees, and various other similar insects. Honey produced by different bees has different properties. Some honey types are unique as it is produced in lower quantity, harder to harvest, and hence cannot be commercialized. Natural honey is offered by various brands at high prices, but you can find raw or pure honey at reasonable prices with a little search.

Sugar Content in Honey
Honey has two sugars, i.e., glucose and fructose. These sugars make honey a tad sweeter than regular sugar. Microorganisms are unable to thrive in honey as it contains less than 20% of water content. The lower water content also gives it long shelf life. The best quality honey has a water content of less than 18%. Lesser the water content, the better the quality.

Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it pulls out moisture from the air. Therefore, it is stored in an airtight container to prevent fermentation. Honey can be preserved for decades if it is properly stored.

How is Honey Processed?
When you are concerned about the quality of honey, do a Lil research about how it is processed in addition to the water content. The less processed it is, the better the quality will be. The premium quality honey is minimally processed, meaning it should be slightly strained and heated. Less heat treatment retains its antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Also, there are a lot of things to consider other than minimal processing and water content when you are buying honey. You will find various honey-flavored products on the market that are basically corn syrup. Adulterated food items also contain starch, flour, preservatives, dextrose, etc., so it is important that you read the label carefully before buying the product.
Another perimeter to measure the quality of honey is pollen in it. It is due to pollen, honey does not look clear in the jar. Pollen is left behind in honey during the process of filtration to remove debris like wax and bee parts. The more processed it is, the clearer the honey will be. If you wish to buy high-quality honey, look for the ones that don’t look too clear.

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