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Hands and feet care is not limited to moisturizing. Simple changes in your lifestyle can be of great help in protecting against infections. There are several ways you can keep your hands and feet healthy and soft.
Though many people have skincare routines for the face, hands and feet mostly get overlooked despite the fact they are the most frequently used parts of our body. They become ashy and dry if not taken care of quickly. Our feet bear the weight of our body all day, so they need a little extra care if you want them to be in perfect shape. Our hands and feet are more prone to look red, dull, and cracked during the winter months. You can do a lot to treat them instead of throwing on boots and mittens to hide them until spring comes. Here are some red flags to look out for in order to find out when your hands and feet need extra care.

Taking most out of Mani-Pedi
You need a lot more than the polish to make your scraggly tips look pretty. There are many nail products that you can buy to take care of your hands and feet in the best shape.
Our nails develop vertical ridges as we age. You can use a ridge filler to make them less noticeable. You can do buffing to smoothen the surface. However, you have to be gentle while rubbing, so it doesn’t get too thin, which can make it weak and more prone to breaking.

A nail-polish remover free of non-acetone works well for keeping nails from drying out. Also, try filing nails in one direction instead of sawing back and forth to prevent splitting.

Scan Nails for Dark Spots
Small white spots on the nails are normal. It often occurs due to injury to the base of the nail, such as biting it or picking at it. However, if the spot is brown, black, or purple in colour, it is something you should worry about as it could be due to a form of skin cancer.

Cuticles are caused due to dryness or hangnails, and they make the area vulnerable to infections and painful swelling. Keeping these areas with a hand moisturizer or a cuticle cream helps create a protective barrier against fungus, bacteria, and yeast.

Pick the Right Moisturiser
Cold temperatures and wind can dry out the skin on your hands, leading to painful cracks and chapping. Also, too much sun is not good for keeping skin smooth. A good moisturizer can protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions and keep your skin in good shape. For daytime, a water-based moisturizer is the best option as it sinks in fast and does not leave hands greasy. For nighttime, go with an oil-based moisturizer with hydrating ingredients like petrolatum, dimethicone, and glycerin.

Choose Aroma Free Products
Pick skincare products that are fragrance-free and use a saturating hand cleanser. Also, use warm water instead of hot water and pat your hands to dry instead of rubbing hard with a towel.