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Various breakthroughs in the field of medicine have given us a number of treatments that allow us to grow more hair faster. There are numerous natural as well as synthetic remedies that can restore volume in your hair. Though most of these remedies can’t regrow all your hair, they can slow down the loss and preserve your current hairline. Several treatments like keratin treatment, topical ointments, and essential oils are proven to have given good results in hair growth.

Essential Oils:
Essential oils such as pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil are known for their abilities for hair growth. A study showed that pumpkin seed oil improved hair growth in men by 40 percent.
When using essential oils, make sure to dilute them in carrier oils. Using pure essential oils may not give good results, and it may cause allergic reactions.

Keratin Treatment:
Keratin is the protein found in our hair. Keratin treatment restores this protein in hair while protecting, nurturing, and keeping your hair healthy. It makes your hair appear frizz-free, smooth, and shiny. Both men and women get keratin treatment to repair their damaged hair and restore life in it.

Topical Ointments:
Topical ointments are recommended by many dermatologists in case of hair loss or alopecia. Topical ointments include topical minoxidil, topical melatonin, and propecia. Topical Minoxidil with 5% concentrations can slow down the hair loss process. Topical Melatonin reduces hair fall and gives it thickness improving its density. Finally, Propecia is effective for improving hair fall symptoms.

Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is beneficial for improving hair strength. It is enriched with fatty acids that keep your hair from losing protein.

Here at HGS Cosmetics, you can find the hair growth treatment you are looking for and have it delivered at your doorsteps within a couple of days anywhere in the country. However, we recommend you consult a hair care professional and know the product inside out before you start to use it. The professional will let you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Also, he/she will recommend the right product after considering your health condition.

Shop for hair treatment items to change the texture and look of your hair for the better. Moreover, you will find many other hair growth treatments such as shampoo and conditioners, hair masks, hair creams, hair oils, and many more. Make sure to know all your options and pick the most suitable one for yourself. Get your beautiful hair to its utmost glory and get back your lost confidence.