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In our opinion, it is not all about choosing an ideal face foundation makeup. It is due to the fact that as soon as the occasion or weather changes, people feel completely different about what they desire from their makeup products. And although lockdown is officially over, many of us are finding the formulas that are not greatly full on. Besides, We think it is all about searching the two or three to see you through various events and various climates.

Having your skin covered by a cocoon of velvety soft coverage can feel fitting at the start of the new year but in June? You might want to opt for another color, thanks to your deepening summer skin complexion and a unique skin texture, too – perhaps a finely milled powder or lightweight liquid formula that absorbs oil.

That is before you consider your ever-changing skin concerns, i.e., buildable coverage for hyper-pigmentation, non-comedogenic for spot-prone skin, and nourishing and dewy for dry-skinned gels. You can make some noticeable difference with a seamless veil of that good thing, mixed imperceptibly with your skin, in a color that flawlessly suits your skin shade.

For extra oomph, you may desire to prepare your skin with a glow-enhancing moisturizer or a mattifying primer to dust off any dryness. And if you need something extremely lightweight, a tinted moisturizer is your best bet.

How to Pick the Right Face Foundation Makeup?
Picking the right face foundation makeup can be a little tricky but it is not impossible. From choosing the correct texture type to getting the shade right. It is one of the makeup items that we think about the most. It gives us flawless coverage that makes us look gorgeous covering up skin issues like dark spots, acne, rosacea, and other imperfections. Here are some tips to find the right shade, get the look that lasts and stay flawless.

Figure Out Your Skin Type
For oily skin, pick a mattifying base as this will also control the shine. If you have dry skin, choose a hydrating foundation that locks moisture in your skin. If you are not sure about your skin type, use a primer to prevent oxidation and keep your makeup in place.

Find Your Skin’s Needs
Your skin is unique to you and not every product is good for all skin types. Find out which products give you the best finish. In case you are having a bad skin day, use a primer beneath your face foundation makeup for more confidence. If you don’t like full coverage, use a skin tint that locks your look in while hydrating your skin.

Conceal With Confidence
A pimple can ruin your day but don’t allow it to spoil your day. Use your favorite foundation makeup to cover up marks, spots, and other skin imperfections. Try adding concealer under your face foundation makeup and build on your look. Conceal the spots by blending your arty application with a concealer brush or blending sponge.

Figure Out Your Undertones
When it comes to foundations, picking the right shade is one of the most important things. If you know your undertones, it will save you from hours of foundation makeup mismatching. A fast way to figure the undertones out is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrists.

If you have cool undertones, your skin has a bit of pink and beige hue and you have blue veins. If your skin slightly leans toward a slightly yellow tinge and veins are mostly green, you have warm undertones. If you have a brown or green tint to your skin and a mix of green and blue veins, you have olive undertones.

Do Makeup in Natural Light
Doing makeup in natural light helps you find the perfect shade for your skin. A highlighting powder will add some illumination too while balancing some of the tones of your makeup. You can check if your foundation makeup is a good match or not by applying it ot your neck and lower jaw. To get a light, tinted coverage, get a foundation that blends easily with your daily moisturizer.

Choose Your Makeup Wisely
Your go-to face powder for winters might look different in July. Foundations come in a wide range of shades so that you can choose according to your needs at a particular time. So, make sure you have several different shades of foundation in your wardrobe to look flawless in every season.

Applying a powder above your liquid foundation keeps your base looking fresh and flawless all day. A light, the translucent powder will lock in your look. If you like using powder foundation as your full base, the one that changes texture from wet to dry will give you that ideal velvety look.

Coverage Level
If you don’t like wearing makeup, a full-coverage foundation feels heavy. Understanding the coverage level is important when it comes to picking the right foundation for your needs. Pick a more sheer foundation if you are not sure what kind of coverage you need. Picking a foundation that provides light to medium coverage because it is buildable.

Opt for a full-coverage foundation is a good choice when you have discoloration or acne or want a long-wear.
Try Virtual Try-Ons
Germs are one of the good reasons why you should opt for a virtual makeup try-on instead of using in-store testers. However, trying on different foundation shades in real life lets you know which foundation is actually right for you and how will you look in selfies. Several brands including MAC, Ulta Beauty, L’Oreal Paris, and NYX Cosmetics have created their own tools that you can use for free.

Don’t Try Your Foundation on Your Wrist
The skin tone on our neck, face, hands, and arms is different. Trying foundation on your hand is not a good choice. If your neck and face have the same skin tone, you can try it on your cheek or on the side of your face. If your forehead is a bit more tanned than your cheeks, then it’s better to test it on your forehead. If you pick the shade that matches your forehead, it can make you look a little darker but a lighter shade will make your forehead look greyer or cashier. The best foundation shade for you is the one that blends into your skin.

Types of Foundation
Cream Foundation
Cream foundation is for those who have dry skin and are looking to have something for an all-day function. A good quality cream foundation can last for more than ten hours without caking or creasing, keeping your skin moisturized during the function. The coverage of this type of foundation is average, i.e., it can hide very fine lines and slight blemishes.

Mousse Foundation
This type of foundation is earning good fame due to its lightness. Mousse foundation is also known as a whipped foundation. Its formula has tiny bubbles, which make it a light foundation to wear. The foundation is available in medium to full coverage variants. What makes it an excellent choice over a cream foundation type is that mousse foundations do not settle into the accentuate wrinkles and lines and ridges. It is the best option for sensitive skin.

Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation is one of the less known foundation types to hit the store for ladies with oily skin types. A liquid foundation has the lightness of a tinted moisturizer and the coverage of a foundation. The silicone-based formula makes it thin and watery, which makes it much easier to spread.

HGS Cosmetics made it their mission to help ladies on their way to searching for their foundation partner. HGS Cosmetics has made it much easier for them to choose your match by considering coverage, skin concerns, finish, price, and shade range before giving our final thoughts on its overall functionality, efficiency, and performance.

Either you prefer a perfect coverage that eliminates any dark and blemish circle. It touches or adores something dewy and light for a daily natural makeup look, or a nice combo of both, HGS Cosmetics has your perfect match.