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Feminine Cleansing to Feel Fresh and Clean
You will find soaps for every part of your body while walking down the personal hygiene section in the grocery store. Among the thousands of cleansers, body washes, and shampoos, there is a poorly stocked section of women’s intimate hygiene having only a handful of options. Due to this shortage of pH-balanced and safe products, most women start to use regular soaps to clean their intimate areas. These soaps can harm our delicate tissues causing inflammation, irritation, and even infection.
Picking the right feminine soap and cleaning products for the private areas should be as easy as choosing products for other parts of your body.

Though your vagina is self-cleaning and doesn’t require extra cleaning using products, there are some other feminine parts in that area that may demand special attention to get that fresh feeling we all desire for.
Before you start to use the products to clean the parts around the vagina, you need to make sure it is perfectly safe to use. The skin of the vagina and vulva is supremely absorptive and sensitive. Harsh chemicals can dry and irritate these tissues. Ensure that the personal hygiene cleanser is safe enough to use on the delicate parts of a woman’s body and works perfectly to freshen and cleanse.

Soaps for feminine cleansing come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, but the most common forms are bar soap and liquid soap. There are some important things you need to know to make sure you buy the right one for your body. Most soaps, especially bar soaps, have high PH levels. They can cause problems in intimate areas by disturbing the pH balance in the vagina.

You have to maintain a low or acidic pH level for your vulva and vagina to make sure that bad bacteria don’t grow there. If you try and use chemicals to raise the pH level, it can cause irritation or even an infection.

Products with higher pH levels can dry out the skin quite a lot. If you already have a dry vulva tissue problem, you don’t want to come near the soap with high pH.

Avoid buying soaps that contain exfoliants in them, as it can be painful and totally unnecessary. Also, apply soap using your hands instead of loofah as it is too irritating and rough for the delicate parts. To find the most gentle soap that does the job effectively and leaves you feeling fresh.

You might want to cover up the vaginal odor with scented soap, but artificial chemicals can do more harm than good. Some smells found in soaps are due to coal tar and petroleum which increases the risk of skin cancer.

There are some ingredients that you should avoid at all costs in your hygiene products. As vulvar tissues are particularly absorptive, the chemicals in the soaps can be absorbed right away. When looking for a soap for feminine hygiene, avoid products that contain sulfates and parabens.
Parabens: They are preservatives used to increase the shelf life of the product. Their estrogen-like properties have been linked with breast cancer.

Sulfates: They are found in 90% of personal cleaning products. They have been linked with respiratory diseases.