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Concealer? Check. Foundation? Check. Still, feel like missing something? Yes, find your face powder. Pressed powders are considered to be a staple in every makeup product list. They add a fine finishing touch to your makeup without feeling unnatural or cakey.

Face powder is necessary for locking each and everything in for long-lasting wear while blurring all imperfections. You can also add a sweep of face powder to deal with shine, hiding lines and pores, and preventing any undesired discoloration from peaking through.

When looking for the best pressed powder formula for the skin is crucial. Your application also plays a crucial role in getting that airbrushed appearance. Whether you’re looking for a product to ‘fix’ your face in place, blur your base to grant a subtle, ‘filtered’ finish, or keep shine at bay, we’ve cherry-picked the beauty world’s best face powders to set your makeup, mattify and award a ‘soft focus’ effect.

With suede and aluminizing choices and a swathe of colorways, you’ll discover the perfect last step among these skin-perfecting superstars.
Types of Face Powders

Loose Powder
Those who have combination or oily skin should consider going for this type of face powder as it can help them keep their makeup base non-shiny and fresh, thanks to its oil control ability. It also helps your makeup to last long by sealing the foundation’s moist consistency.

Pressed Powder
Pressed powder is the go-to face makeup essential for those who are a fan of versatile makeup products. This type of face powder can work for different purposes, from setting concealer or liquid foundation to helping your makeup last long. The best thing about this kind of face powder? You can use it as a foundation, like a base for your makeup.

Translucent Powder
If you have rough skin and uneven tone and are suffering from skin problems such as fine lines, scarring, roughness, visible pores, and bumpiness, you can opt for translucent face powder. It can easily hide these skin defects if used in the right way.

Besides setting makeup without adding any shade, it also assists in providing the tone that lovely matte finish.

Finishing Powder
As you can guess from its name, this kind of powder functions as the fine finishing spray that can be applied to your face after you have done with your makeup. Besides eliminating oil, this makeup essential will let you look fresh for a much longer time as compared to other powders. This powder has a fine texture in comparison to pressed powders, and it is a preferred choice to translucent powder to hide wrinkles and fine lines.

Dewy Powder
If you are someone who thinks that face powders are only manufactured for the ones with combination or oily skin, apparently, you are mistaken. The dewy powder is for people who have dry skin texture.

This powder offers hydration as they are finely milled, and that’s why it happens to glide imperceptibly onto your skin. They just don’t settle. Instead, they offer a glow to your complexion.
Why use face powders?
As we want to glow and don’t want to look greasy so face powder is there to help us meet that end. It is a great mattifier.

Face powder on top of liquid or cream foundation helps it stay in place. Some face powders can reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Also, powder is a good base to apply your blush, contour, or bronzer. Though you can apply these things on your foundation but powder helps them stay in place for longer.

Face powder is also useful when you want to turn down the volume on a too bright blush, to set cream eyeshadow or to keep the slippery lip color in place.
Should I choose a translucent face powder or the one that matches my skin tone?
It is basically your decision. The face powder that matches your skin tone will provide a little extra coverage and conceal any marks, scars or spots on your skin. However, it can look thick especially after reapplication.

A translucent setting powder can match all skin tones if blended well. It is great for removing shine and it doesn’t put extra product on to your skin after touch ups. But, if it isn’t blended well, it will give the flashback you are afraid of.
How to apply face powder?
The best way to apply face powder is to start with the powder of your choice and use two brushes; one with dense bristles and a fluffy brush. Here are the steps to apply face powder perfectly.

First apply your sunscreen, primer, foundation and concealer.
Dip the big, fluffy brush into the setting powder container and tap to remove the excess powder.
Apply it on your face brushing from the center of your face and moving in big circles outwards.
Apply your blush, bronzer and highlight on top of the powder and you are good to go.

Should I wear face powder on bare skin?
Yes, you can wear face powder on bare skin. The translucent powder will remove shine and tinted powder will even out the shade. If you need more coverage, pick a powder foundation.
From where can I find the best face powder in Pakistan?
In Pakistan, you can find the best quality face powder from Here you can find the genuine products of all major local and international brands. You can pick your favorite items have place your order to have them delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan.