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Ladies are makeup artists on their own. And quite obviously, no self-respecting makeup artist will show up to do makeup without the ideal toolkit.

You might have the most beautiful makeup kit in the world; fill to the brim with fancy organic makeup. But if you don’t own the right face brushes, you are doing your makeup and yourself a humongous disservice.
Various makeup products need different face brushes. Ever tried a smokey eye without a soft, fine eyeshadow brush? Or contouring without a contour brush? Hint: it won’t end well.

Take it from HGS Cosmetics beauty experts; spending some money and time on unique face brushes will completely upgrade your day-to-day makeup regime.

We, at HGS Cosmetics, collected the high-standard face brushes that will upgrade you from a makeup newbie to a professional artist, with merely the sweep of a face brush.

Face Brushes Guide
Okay, so you’ve made your mind upgrade your makeup skills and invest in some of the best face brushes in the shops. Now, make sure your face brush mastery is up to mark with the following tips and tricks:

Types Of Makeup Brushes
There are countless types of face brushes; every one of them has its specialism. If you are confused about which one is for what purpose, we are here to help. Continue reading to brush up on your face brush basics:

Eyebrow Brush
A makeup look is incomplete without expressive, full eyebrows. A double-ended eyebrow brush has one mascara-like comb to tame the brows into submission. Use an angled brush to put brow products to define and fill.

Bronzer Brush
Elegant and big, bronzer brushes are soft, plush face brushes fabulous for applying wide strokes of bronzer. The rounded, wide brush is ideal for making a streak-free effect and even distribution.

Foundation Brush
These bad boys are normally tapered and work perfectly with mousse or liquid foundation. Foundation brushes are commonly angled to mimic the natural contours of the face better. Simply apply some of your foundation to the tip of the brush. Start in the center of your face and work outwards in smooth, even strokes, ensuring to blend so that no obvious lines are left behind.

Eyeshadow Brush
Eyebrow brushes are very small as compared to classical face brushes. Their rounded bristles are great for adding swathes of shade to your upper eyes and eyelids. Dip the brush into your eyeshadow, tap off any extra, and brush liberally over your whole eyelid for all-over shade. Mix with some water for a much stronger shade.

Powder Brush
You will always find powder brush in the well-stocked face brush sets. This brush is a rounded, large brush having thick bristles. Their beauty is that they can work with foundation, bronzer, and even blush for that lovely flushed-cheek effect.

Angled Eyeshadow brush
A makeup case with one eyebrow brush will never do the job. An angled eyeshadow brush, with its flatter bristles, is brilliant for adding definition to the lash line and adding more detailed shade to the lids.