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Today, most eye makeup products don’t contain harmful toxins but it’s necessary that you are cautious in your daily eye makeup habits. As many people wear eye makeup on a daily basis. Even though most of the makeup items are now free of harmful chemicals like lead and arsenic, poor hygiene and bad habits can still impact your eye health. Being just a little careful while choosing your eye makeup product and applying makeup can avoid any potential problems.

Is Makeup Safe for Your Eyes?
There is nothing inherently bad with eye makeup, but you have to be careful with how you apply and remove it to avoid any kind of damage to your eyes. As eyes have a layer of tear on the surface, expired cosmetics or wearing makeup for too long can dry up skin leading to irritation or infection.

Moreover, in some rare cases, eye makeup can cause a corneal abrasion. An accidental poke in the eye from an eyeliner pencil or mascara wand can scratch the cornea causing discomfort and pain.
Safe Ways to Use Eye Makeups:

When wearing eyeliner, you have to make sure that you don’t apply it to your eyelid waterline. This waterline is located around the eyelids and is home to more than 20 glands that are responsible for administering tears. Putting eyeliner on it can dry these glands out and permanently damage them.

Always check the expiration date when using mascara to ensure it is completely safe for you to wear. Also, you have to be careful about how long you keep the mascara on as letting it stay on for a long time can cause irritation in the eyes.

Fake Eyelashes:
Natural eyelashes serve us several functions including protecting your eyes from excess moisture and airflow. But, fake eyelashes don’t offer any of those benefits and on the contrary to natural eyelashes, fake eyelashes can be harmful and increase your chances of eye infection, injury, and allergic reactions.

Eye Shadow:
The major downside of eye shadow is that it can flake off and cause redness and irritation. To lower any potential risks, it is advisable to apply eye shadow primer or base to prevent flaking.
Best Way to Apply Makeup
Even though eye makeup poses some risks, you don’t have to stop wearing it together. You just have to be more careful in your daily eye makeup habits. The tips mentioned below can help you be more careful:

Make sure your eye makeup doesn’t get on the eyelid waterline.
Always use a clean brush when applying your makeup as dirty brushes increase the risk of bacterial infection.
Do not share your makeup products with others as they are prone to collecting bacteria and sharing these products increases the risk.