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For many people, cologne and perfume are one and the same. Both of them are different so before you go buying cologne or perfume, make sure you know the difference between them. Both cologne and perfume have the same functionality, and the difference lies in the ingredients. Usually, perfumes are concentrated with fragrance oils and various other solvents, whereas cologne is a mixture of essential oils and extracts mixed with water and alcohol. Cologne got its name from the German city, Cologne, as it was first introduced there. In North America, it is the oldest term for fragrances that have masculine scents. Fresh, light, and fruity smells are typically composed of 2-4% perfume oils in alcohol and water.

Body odours are not pleasant, and it is good hygiene that you mask them. Also, if you smell good, you will be able to make a good first impression and make your surroundings pleasant. Some people sweat excessively due to which body odour is a major problem for them. A good cologne gives you a fine way to avoid this problem. Spritz some cologne to bid goodbye to body smells for a long time. Colognes have a stronger scent as compared to perfumes. They are available in exquisite designer bottles, making them a perfect addition to your collection. A good smelling cologne gives you a pleasant auro which gives a much-needed boost to your confidence while keeping you on a high level of fashion. As there are thousands of options available in the market, you can pick the best one according to your personality and preferences. You can pick from your favourite fragrances such as aquatic, floral, citrus, fresh, woody, and oriental tones.

You will find a wide array of cologne at HGS Cosmetics that will add charm to your fashion. You can pick one from the aisles here and order it from the comfort of your home, and we will deliver your product to your doorstep. We have a vast collection of well-reputed brands such as Dana, Chicco, Davidoff, Coty, Estee Lauder, and many more to add to your luxurious products.