Best Diapers for Your Little Ones and Environment

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There are hundreds of diaper brands in the market. You can choose between disposable baby diapers and cloth baby diapers. Then there are different types of nappies and various styles, including ones designed for infants, toddlers and babies with sensitive skin. Also, there are nappies for overnight wear, potty training, and swimming.
You might have to go through trial and error to find the best one for your little ones. You might find the first brand of diapers you buy or you might find that it leaks or irritates the baby’s skin. Babies have sensitive skin for which a diaper made without fragrances and lotions is the best option. Also, babies have different body types and some brands might fit the baby better than others. If you find that the baby’s diaper leaks, you might want to find a better fit or a larger size. Plus, you might also want to change brands as the baby grows as some brands are more suitable for crawlers and walkers than for infants.

Types of Diapers
Dealing with cloth diapers can be a lot of work. It is difficult to get a baby and pile up your laundry. However, they save a lot of money over the course of years. Also, they are eco-friendly as you can use them over and over again.

These nappies are amazingly convenient. They are easy to put on the baby and fit the baby perfectly ensuring fewer leaks. Disposable diapers come with extra absorbency letting the baby sleep throughout the night without getting disturbed or feeling discomfort. They are ideal when you are traveling.

Though no brand makes diapers that are 100% organic, these diapers do use a certain eco-friendly materials such as wood pulp extracted from sustainable trees and they are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and methods.

Nighttime Diapers have extra absorbency hence they are more suitable for the baby’s bedtime. They come in handy for keeping the babies dry as they sleep for longer stretches. To help keep the baby dry and asleep for a long time, some parents add in a small insert.

Swim Diapers
Swim diapers are water repellent. They don’t absorb liquid and don’t contain water crystals. These are ideal if you are taking your baby swimming. These diapers can get wet but they do not change shape or swell. They can hold anything you do not want to seep out into the water.

Potty training diapers
Potty training diapers are crafted to mimic underwear. They can step and pull it up by themselves instead of you having to fasten it on them.

Scented vs. Unscented
Scented diapers come with fragrances to mask unpleasant smells. The brands that make it claim that the amount of fragrance used is so low that it will not cause irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin. However, if your baby has extra sensitive skin, it is a better choice to steer away from the scented ones.