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There are some moments when you reach inside your makeup bag only to find some mismatched makeup sets that you can’t even remember shopping for and now don’t know why you bought them. When you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning hours, you require your makeup to be three factors: straightforward, easy, and fast. And thinking if that dusty eyeshadow brush or contour brush from school is for your eyelids or cheeks surely isn’t any of that stuff. Searching and using the right brushes properly doesn’t need to be a hectic and tiresome chore. Instead, it should be fun so that you can enjoy doing your makeup. This is especially true for the case of our glow amplifier: cheeks.
Cheek brush, when applied in the right way, takes your everyday makeup look to a whole new level with almost the same effort as you put in it. It gives your cheek the missing natural warmth and acts as the ideal complement to your bronzer, contouring, and highlighter. Contrary to the famous belief among ladies, no fancy tricks or knowledge is needed to make your cheeks appear impressively attractive at lightning speed. The key to cute-looking cheeks is shopping for the right cheek brush.
The ideal cheek brush is extremely easy to use, has soft bristles, and has a lightweight handle. And since searching for the best cheek brushes around is no easy feat, we turned to the makeup pros. Scroll down for our flawless collection of top-rated cheek brushes, according to our beauty experts.

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