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Your makeup depends on your makeup tools. That is why you should keep updated brushes available out there in your makeup arsenal to ensure all of your beauty needs are accomplished. Stocked with top-notch choices that cater to the brows, eyes, cheeks, face, and more, these professionally manufactured kits of best designs give makeup enthusiasts the makeup equipment needed to perform expert-level blending, contouring, highlighting, defining, and shading for the perfect full-face glow. With sets geared towards newbies, experts, and every professional tier in between, the high-quality makeup brush sets accommodate a huge variety of beauty powers with their basic, essential, and professional brush pairings. Plus, there are also sets that are designed for different makeup methods and items such as contouring, complexion, eyeshadow, etc. The right makeup brush sets can dramatically improve the way we line and stain our lips or the way our foundation melts into our skin. Ahead, are the best makeup brush sets to add to your brush collection or gift to your favorite beauty-obsessed friend for the 2021 holiday season.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Brush Set
Some brush sets cost you a good amount of money, but that is due to the process that is involved in manufacturing a top-quality product. Note the bristles’ softness against your skin and how sturdy the handle is on your hand-both of. These factors will affect the standard of your makeup application and how much time your brush will last. The best makeup brush sets feel soft and gentle but with enough texture to blend products and powder properly.

Synthetic vs. Natural
The most luxurious and fluffy makeup brush sets are sourced from the finest animal fur or hair. But it is not the most cruelty-free or sustainable option. Synthetic brush sets are widely available in the markets, but it is crucial to note whether a brand has conducted animal tests. The cruelty-free option is for those who wish to be kind to animals as well as being hypoallergenic.

Different brush sets are made differently. They are manufactured according to distinct uses, and it is crucial to use them for which they are made. If you’re new to the makeup game and are not sure how to make the first move, makeup artists recommend starting with a blush brush, foundation brush, and powder brush. A crease and flat eyebrow brush are also lovely equipment to have on hand.