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Brow Enhancer: Because Your Eyebrows Deserve the Best
Those days are gone when ladies used to pluck their eyebrows to a pencil-thin line. Now, the trend is of thick, borderline-bushy eyebrows as those owned by famous people such as celebs and supermodels over your social media feed. This fashion trend is very much in the game, and that is why many are desiring to spruce up their brows into the boldest, fullest arches. That is where brow enhancers come into the picture.

Modern brow enhancers are made to enhance your brow’s thickness and help boost growth in the spots that are missing hair or are sparse. You can use any of your favorite brow enhancers and observe the difference by yourself. Just apply it once or twice every day and get the results in as little as fourteen days.

Tips to get eye-catching eyebrows
Lightly color the brow hair below and above the eyebrow to craft a gentle-looking shadow. It will get your brows to appear full. Take a soft, low oil pencil, shade underneath and on top of your brow to have a light color shadow, and then brush them in the upper direction using a spoolie brush to provide them a natural look.
If you touch your skin with a brow pencil, it will create a tell-tale hint that you have shaded your arches in. So, keep your brow pencils away from the skin. Keep in mind you are not drawing what’s there, you are merely enhancing what you own.

Brush your hair outward and upward to provide them a feathered look. Grooming your arches in this way will make them look fuller and more natural. Brushing them only outward will not work to get the best results.

Do not over-tweeze them and keep them filled in; otherwise, who will frame your face and protect your eyes? Healthy brows also make you look healthy and exude confidence. If you don’t want to apply a lot of makeup yet want to look awake, you should surely fill in all of the spare areas in your arches.

For getting fuller brows, you should use tinted eyebrow gel. But before applying it to your arches, tissue off extra formula on the brush head. If you don’t take this precaution, you will look like Kumail Nanjiani. Not even kidding.
A brow mascara having fibers provides the look of fuller brows in no time. If you are not willing to bother with trying to make hair-like, tiny strokes with a brow pencil, get a fiber-filled brow gel and make adorable brows with the help of its fibers that stick to your arches to conceal sparse areas.

Brow pomade is a certain product, and it will keep your arches in place without making them feel or look crunchy. Similar to hair items, gels usually appear a bit more hard in your hair, so if you wish to own that groomed, un-groomed appearance, brush on a pomade right away. It’s clear; hence, it won’t add shade, but it will surely keep your brows coiffed.