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Body treatment is basically a facial for the entire body, which leaves your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth. Our body is just as important to hydrate, cleanse and exfoliate the body skin as the skin of your face. This procedure improves your body’s condition at any time of year, but it is especially good in the winter as it moisturizes your skin when it is flaky and dry.

There are different types of body treatments depending on the products used in them. You can use body scrubs, body wraps, masks, and other items.

Body Scrubs
Body scrubs or body polish is the most popular body treatment. It is an exfoliating treatment that removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, giving it a renewed glow. It is done by rubbing a mixture of oil, sea salt, and aromatics, such as lemon, into your skin, which exfoliates your skin, leaving it feeling soft and fresh.

After rubbing the mixture on your entire body, you shower it off without soap, leaving only a thin coating of oil on the body.

Body Masks and Wraps
A body mask and body wrap are performed after a scrub. It is a detoxifying treatment that enhances your metabolic system, improving its ability to carry away waste products. After washing off the salt, you slather your body with algae, mud, or seaweed and wrap yourself in a thermal blanket. If you use lotion or cream, it is a hydrating treatment.

Treatment with body wrap is also called wrapping treatment which treats cellulite. Sometimes, this treatment has a diuretic effect that causes temporary weight reduction.

After body treatment, your skin might feel a bit tender, especially after deep body scrub. However, it is completely fine to bathe and lather yourself with soap and rub your washcloth gently in circles to remove any leftover lotion or dead skin cells.

Benefits of Body Treatments
Body treatments are beneficial to your body in many ways. Some of the benefits are:

Decrease cellulite
Prevent wrinkles
Slows down physical signs of aging
It makes your skin look younger and fresher
Salt, seaweed, charcoal, mud, and mineral wraps are ideal for exfoliating your skin and removing toxins.

Improves your mental health by soothing tired muscles, reducing stress, and relaxing both your mind and body