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Baby Bath Products to Keep Those Little Hair, Fingers, and Toes Squeaky Clean
You need to take great care, be attentive and vigilant during baby bath time. The way you hold your child while bathing him/her, products you use on the child’s hair and skin, the bathtub he/she is sat on and everything else has to go just right to keep your baby safe. The baby bath accessories you use play an important role in giving your baby the best care during bath time.

There are some accessories that make bathing easier and let your child be more relaxed. As children have sensitive skin and are delicate, any substandard quality product can have a bad effect on their skin. As parents, we always try to find premium bath products for our children.

At HGS Cosmetics, we direct our efforts to assist parents in finding the right baby bath products for their children. We provide you with a wide range of the best quality bathing products including bathtubs, toys, bath seats, bath towels, sponges, bathers, and much more. Order your favorite baby accessories from anywhere in Pakistan on HGS Cosmetics and receive them at your doorsteps.

To find the top quality bathing tub for your little one, you have to consider a number of factors to ensure the security & comfort of your child. An oversized tub is too dangerous, slippery, and uncomfortable for the baby. However, a baby bathtub can enhance the bathing experience for both of you.
Today, there are hundreds of choices of bathtubs available in the market. There are tubs that are crafted specifically to fit in the sink, tubs that fold flat, tubs with sling inserts to hold infants, and tubs that let you the temperature of the water.

While bathing a baby, you need to follow safe bathing guidelines. First of all, never leave your baby unattended in the tub, not even for a moment.

Types of Baby Bathtubs
Some parents like to bathe their babies when they themselves are bathing. This might be convenient but you have to be extra careful. You will have to protect your baby on the slippery surface from hurting herself.
Try out one of these bathtubs for your baby to ensure the best and the safest bathing experience.

Basin Tubs:
Basin tubs are usually made with hard plastic and can be placed in a full-sized tub. These tubs are super easy to clean and generally come with a mildew-resistant foam lining. You can find the one that is contoured perfectly for your baby.
The plug at the base makes it a lot easier to drain out the water. These tubs also feature a suction cup or a hook with which you can hang it on the bathroom wall when not in use.

Sink Inserts:
Sink inserts are designed to fit in the kitchen or bathroom sink. With these bathtubs, you can bathe your baby without kneeling next to the regular bathtub or stooping over him. It is highly useful to moms who had c-section incisions.
These tubs are usually made from fabric, foam, and other soft materials to keep the baby comfortable and perfectly cushioned.

Tubs That Grow With The Baby
You will find some bathtubs that are designed to adjust according to the size of the baby from newborn to toddler years. Some have a removable hammock or sling to lift up the newborn closer to you. You can remove the sling when the baby grows up after a few months. A bathtub is extremely important for a safe and effective bath.