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Aftershave lotions have multiple purposes, including making you smell good and preventing skin infections. Moreover, shaving makes your skin pores expand, making it easier for bacteria to enter your skin, inviting hundreds of different skin problems. Precaution is better than remedy. It is better that you keep yourself protected than rushing to a doctor when things go wrong. A good quality aftershave can help you prevent bacterial infections and acne.
There are a plethora of different kinds of aftershave on the market. You can find aftershave in liquid or gel form, or in cream bottles, or in aftershave balm tubes. Also, you can choose your aftershave based on the ingredients included according to your skin type. For instance, for dry skin, you will need one that has moisturizing ingredients. You can pick one based on its fragrance though most of them have a musky scent.

Why Should You Use Aftershave
There are several reasons why you should start using aftershave every time you shave. Some of the elaborated points are as follow:

Soothes Your Skin
Shaving can increase the dryness of the skin, making it rough. Moreover, in case you cut yourself during the shave, it might make you uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to avoid all these issues, you might want to apply an aftershave at the end of your shaving routine to soothe and relax your skin.

Smell Nice
If you smell good, it can turn the tables for you. It has a deeper impact on the impression you make than you can realize. It is a subtle way of letting others know that you keep yourself clean. There are various aftershave products manufactured by well-reputed brands such as Axe, Nivea, Wild Stone, The Man Company, and more that can make you smell absolutely amazing.

Shaving widens the pores of your skin which makes it more susceptible to bacterial infections. Aftershave can help tighten and close these pores keeping your skin safe and clean from bacterial invasion.

Hydrate Your Skin
As shaving makes your skin dry, you can replenish it with hydration by gently dabbing aftershave lotion on your skin. This will make your skin hydrated and feel fresh.

Aftershave For Different Skin Types
Oily Skin
Generally, the skin is oily due to open or large skin pores. This type of skin is also prone to whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and spots. An aftershave along with a toner will be the best option for oily skin. Also, oily skin attracts more dirt and dust, so a good facial cleanser can do you some good.

Dry Skin
Dry skin is dull, rough, or cracked with wrinkles and lines, and it is prone to peeling. An aftershave with moisturizing capabilities will work well.

Sensitive Skin
If your skin stings, itch or is prone to rash and other skin issues, you need to find an aftershave that contains oatmeal, aloe vera, and shea butter.

Normal Skin
If you have clear, smooth, evenly-textured, and healthy skin without spots or blemishes, you can use any gentle aftershave lotion.