Fair & Lovely Glow & Lovely Moisturising Lotion – 200ml

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The new and improved lotion, Fair & Lovely Glow & Lovely Moisturising Lotion-200ml, includes mineral oils, Vitamin B3, sunscreens, and milk protein. The Vitamin B3 and Sunscreens give instant brightness & glow and penetrate deep down to give you radiant fairness in no more than six weeks. Its non-sticky formula is packed with milk proteins to leave your skin feeling smoother and softer.

It is a moisturising fairness lotion weighs about 200ml
penetrates deep into your skin and gives you a spotless skin
It removes dark spots and blemishes
Gives glowing radiant fairness
Works like laser light to give best fairness

About Manufacturer
Fair & Lovely Is Now Glow & Lovely Moisturising Glow Lotion, 200ml is a product of Fair & Lovely. Fair & Lovely, now known as Glow & Lovely, is an Indian based cosmetic brand that falls under Unilever. Its products are available in a number of countries including India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Brunei, and Pakistan. In 1971, Unilever patented this brand after patenting niacinamide, an ingredient that suppresses melanin. Glow & Lovely is a No.1 skin care brand serving millions of people across the globe and offering effective, safe and affordable products that helps you achieve even-toned, glowing and radiant skin.

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