Opio Men Phenom Deodorant Body Spray – 200ml

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One commonly states their middle name is professional, well, Opio Men Phenom Deodorant Body Spray-200ml has that as its! As the name states, Phenom has a sensational ability to bring in people with its musky scent. Beam your superior individuality with Phenom!

Fragrance Notes of Opio Phenom Deodorant Body Spray, For Men, 200ml
Top Notes

Middle Notes
Green Tea

Base Notes
Petit Grain

About Opio
Spreading with a bang worldwide of Perfumery, OPIO Fragrances is a preferred, next-generation Perfume Brand that encapsulates lasting and very distinguished French Fragrances in their products both for ladies as well as males. The wide variety of OPIO’s items allows the customers to choose the scent that suits their individuality the most effectively! OPIO Perfumes as well as Body Sprays are popular for their impressive keep as well as extraordinary fragrances that would note your visibility wherever you go! Finest Scents; Popular Perfumes; Divine Fragrances; Top Perfumes. These are the statements that typically drift among OPIO fans. Offering diverse clients over Pakistan, OPIO Perfumes and Body Sprays are currently offered in almost all cosmetics as well as fragrances stores. Put on OPIO as well as highlight the sophisticated you!

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