Nivea 48H Invisible Original Deodorant Spray – 150ml

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For people who are tired of taking care of the antiperspirant residue on their garments, the Nivea 48H Invisible Original Deodorant Spray-150ml, For Black & White, 150mlwill certainly seem like a complete blessing. Its exclusive and authentic stain-protection formula has actually been made in partnership with textile specialists and maintains the black garments from creating white deposits as well as stops yellow-colored tints from formulating on the white clothes. The clear security is highly efficient as well as excellent for everybody that prefers a monochrome closet.

Product Features
Dermalogically approved for every type of skin
Contains an authentic zero stain formula
Transparent protection against yellowish and white stains on white and black clothes
Designed in collaboration with textile experts

Nivea 48H Invisible Original Deodorant Spray, For Black & White, 150ml is a top-notch body care product launched by Nivea. Nivea is a German based brand of personal care that specializes in body-care. It is owned by Beiersdorf Global AG which is a Hamburg-based company. It was founded by Paul Carl Beiersdorf in 1882 and was sold to Oscar Troplowitz in 1890. The brand name Nivea is derived from a Latin adjective meaning “snow-white.” The success of Nivea is a result of outstanding creativity, brilliant research, and sound business acumen.

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