Gatsby British Wave Natural Flow Hair Wax Loose & Flow Styling – 75gm

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Gatsby British Wave Natural Flow Hair Wax 75gm is for trendy young men who need to make hairstyles that suit their unique personality. With its long-lasting effect, it is ideal for a fashionable British-wave style with hair flow. With this wax, you can make a tight hair flow with a styling ability to flow and bundle your hair. The lubricating ingredient silicon on the surface of coats controls stickiness peculiar to oil, contributing to awesome texture. You can arrange your desired hairstyle without stiffness.

Product Features
Hairstyle lasts longer with the use of Gatsby British Wave Natural Flow Loose & Flow Styling Hair Wax, 75gm at the finishing
Best for all hair lengths, from very short, medium to very long.
Can give both soft and hard hair a spiky look (by modifying the amount of wax to be used).
Allows restyling of hair.
Can be used all over your hair or just on points here and there.
Good at making complex expressions and accentuating the hairstyle.

Apply a small dab of the wax and spread evenly on palms, spread onto the hair sections you want to style

Gatsby brand was established in Japan in 1978. It comes under the umbrella of Mandom Corporation which is a manufacturing company of beauty and cosmetic products established in 1927. The motive of the brand, ever since its establishment, is “the fundamental mankind’s love.” The name of the brand was in fact almost decided on some other proposed idea. But, the then president of the brand, read and got inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and romanticized about Gatsby’s way of life.

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