Lolane Straight Off Hair Straightening Cream, Strong Formula, Large

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Lolane Straight Off Hair Straightening Cream, Strong Formula, Large is the permanent straightening cream formulated to straighten your hair to be beautifully and perfectly straight. It contains benefits from the Conditioner, so it protects the straightened hair from being dry and damaged. It is best for Strong or Curly Hair. Extra cream is added in the large tube. You will have quick straight hair within 10 mins. It is best for soft and smooth straight hair. This Hair Straightening Cream Provides a professional formula for straightening. Its Formula also contains a protein booster. It is also safe For use with colored or treated hair.

Lolane is a professional hair brand with a wide variety of hair products that meet the unique needs of different hair types. It is a go-to brand for those who love following hair fashion trends. Its history has been trusted for over 30 years. In addition to providing products for basic hair care, Lolane never stops researching and developing innovative formulas that make great differences. The brand has expanded its export to over 30 countries around the world. It has a staff of experts who have taken the brand to the highest levels with drive, power and imaginative creation and give beauty rich with liveliness to people across the world with their professionalism.

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