Framesi Morphosis Reinforcing Shampoo – 250ml

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Framesi Morphosis Reinforcing Shampoo-250ml is a top class shampoo formulated to nourish your hair follicles. This shampoo is especially ideal for gentlemen who are suffering from hair loss problems and are looking for a relatively cheap hair loss treatment. The shampoo has Vine Stem Cell Extracts that is popular for revitalizing your skin cells and hair follicles, boosting longevity. It’s also worthy of noting that this shampoo has zero sulfates, allergens, and parabens. Which means it’s also completely safe to use on any kind of hair. With everyday use, you should notice the locks appearing shiny and glossy as ever.

Product Features
It has no allergens, sulfates and parabens
It nourishes your hair and hair follicles
It is best for hair loss treatment
It has an easy application on your hair

Framesi is an Italian based brand inspired and founded by Roberto Franchina in Milan in 1945. It is always and forever dedicated to the professional hairdressers with high quality, innovative hair care products that deliver salon-grade precision, performance and predictability. Its foundation is cutting and coloring education that establishes a platform for the hairdresser around the world to blend fashion and beauty with individual creativity and artistry. The integrity of its products have become a standard tool leading the way for professionals to set your talent free.

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