Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo – 320ml

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Powerful and intense exercises promote a healthy mind as well as body. However, at the same time, they leave your hair oily and sweaty. It might lead to the advancement of dandruff if their residues build up on the scalp. You can conserve yourself from an itchy scalp as well as half-cracked hair with the use of Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo-320ml with Anti-Dandruff formula. It contains cooling down mint, which provides an immediate remedy for heat as well as sweat. Menthol guarantees the removal of dandruff, oil, and dust, leaving behind a great feeling. Clean and also fresh hair with Anti-Dandruff Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo.

Product Features
Anti-dandruff shampoo for guys – prevention of dandruff problem
Loaded with menthol as well as cooling mint – offers remedy for sweat, dirt, as well as dandruff
Functions Triple anti-dandruff technology and Taurine – avoids and also removes white flakes dandruff
Rejuvenated as well as clean scalp
Invigorates the defense system of the scalp

Clear shampoo promotes scalp health and nourishes it to protect it from several scalp problems including itchiness, dandruff, grease and dryness. It builds the foundation for healthy, strong and beautiful hair and helps you look flawless and leave behind any inhibitions. Its innovative formulations are designed to give you effective anti-dandruff performance clearing away any scalp problem while ensuring zero dandruff. Clear shampoos are designed not only to wash away dandruff but also to boost natural self-defence of your scalp, ending recurring dandruff concern.

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