Garnier Natural Hair Color Cream Karite Butter, Olive Oil, And Avocado Oil – 6.66

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The creamy texture of Garnier Natural Hair Color Cream-6.66 is effortless to apply with a brush. It has a second ratio of olive oil in the after colour care makes hair shiny and incredibly softer.
You can’t go wrong with Garnier Color Natural Hair Color 6.66. It is a unique creamy formula. With a conditioner enriched with three nutritive ingredients (karite butter, olive oil, and avocado oil) smooths and deeply nourishes your hair.

Garnier Color Natural Hair Color 6.66 is an improved colour cream with olive oil. The after care enriched with a second ratio of olive oil doesn’t drip and nourishes the hair deeply after colouring it. Get easily a professional or hair salon like result at home with it. It is the 1st nourishing permanent hair color with olive oil, avocado and karite.

How to Use
Mix equal parts of the developer and the colorant in a glass bowl or a plastic and apply the mixture to the hair with a brush on unwashed, dry hair. Leave it on your hair for at least 30 minutes and then rinse with running water. Please note that always do a skin allergy test a day before use.

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