Framesi Framcolor Glamour Hair Coloring Cream Very Light Blonde Natural Ash – 9.12

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Long-term hair shade with a pre-blended base provides a chance to color hair quickly as well as promptly. Framesi Glamour Hair Coloring Cream-9.12 Very Light Blonde Natural Ash includes a pre-blended lotion base, which additionally conditions hair. It supplies deep color to hair from origin to end. Its protective coverage technology makes certain 100% grey area coverage as well as protection. It includes a reduced quantity of ammonia as well as all-natural components to have a gentle effect on hair as well as keep its all-natural wellness in check. It creates as much as 5 levels of lift as well as is suitable for toning and lightning as well.

Product Features
Following are some of the noticeable features of Framesi Framcolor Glamour Hair Coloring Cream, 9.12 Very Light Blonde Natural Ash:
Very Light Blonde Natural Ash shade
Keeps hair protected from dry, dull and damaged condition
Low-ammonia based permanent dye
Conditioning properties – leaves hair soft, radiant and healthy
Pre-blended creamy base for convenient application

About Manufacturer
Framesi is an Italian based brand inspired and founded by Roberto Franchina in Milan in 1945. It is always and forever dedicated to the professional hairdressers with high quality, innovative hair care products that deliver salon-grade precision, performance and predictability. Its foundation is cutting and coloring education that establishes a platform for the hairdresser around the world to blend fashion and beauty with individual creativity and artistry. The integrity of its products have become a standard tool leading the way for professionals to set your talent free.

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