Yc Facial Massage Whitening Cleansing Cream – 150ml

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YC Facial Massage Whitening Cleansing Cream-150ml cleans your skin gently and makes skin soft, smooth and healthy while removing dead skin cells and complexion dulling impurities. The cleansing cream is enriched with natural scrubs and several fruit extracts that moisturizes rough areas of the body enhancing your massage experience that helps you relieve tense muscles and stress of the day.
This facial massage cleansing cream improves the quality of a massage that ultimately relies on technique and hands. It can help you treat your skin ailment and improve your overall experience. It will be your best companion for massage that will complement any treatment such as depression, cancer, HIV and anxiety by improving your quality of life.
YC is committed to provide consumers with a reliable health care companion that helps them achieve natural beauty at affordable prices. It is focused on bringing health and skin care in the reach of everyone. Today, YC has a product line with more than 300 items which are trusted and used by professionals as well as individuals. The team of experts at YC keeps a keen eye on the ever changing needs and demands of the people to provide them with the excellent solutions for their skin concerns to their satisfaction. It employs state of the art technology and innovative processes to provide top-grade products to its consumers.

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