Fair & Lovely Crystal Bright Beauty Cream – 25g

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Fair & Lovely Crystal Bright Beauty Cream-25g is a premium quality fairness cream for girls that leaves your skin glowing and properly cared for. It penetrates deep into your skin and helps you achieve spotless skin by removing blemishes and dark spots. It is an ideal night cream that can be used on all types of skin. This new beauty cream by Fair & Lovely gives you impeccable crystal-like glow within just a week of regular use.
It has a smooth creamy texture that absorbs in your skin quickly and fights against pigmentation while making your skin soft, supple, smooth, and healthy looking. It restores the health of your skin by replenishing it with moisture and much-needed nutrients. It gives an adequate UV protection to your skin and also protects it from environmental damage.
Fair & Lovely Crystal Bright Beauty Cream has been developed in a highly sophisticated plant under the dedicated supervision of the experts of the research and development department of the company to ensure the best quality and effective results. The cream amazingly and quickly makes the skin glowing, soft and tender. It also safeguards your face from the after effects caused by allergic and harsh conditions, sunlight when ladies go on a hot summer day.

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