Vaseline Men Anti Dullnes Face Scrub – 100gm

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Vaseline Men Anti Dullnes Face Scrub-100gm is the best recipe for pigmentation issues. It is abundant in vitamin B3 and vitamin E to the skin right away after usage. It has a great formula for FreshWater lightening and having anti spot or white skin purposes. The formula overall is a classy Healthy skin care formula. The scrub is suitable to help take care of treatments as well as skin troubles. It is especially created for men. You can see the results in no time in the shape of healthy and balanced skin; just in two weeks.

How to Use
1. Damp your facial skin with water.
2. Soap up the face wash as well as delicately massage it on your damp face.
3. Use water to rinse off the soap.
4. For finest outcomes, make use of the face wash daily.

Robert Chesebrough founded Vaseline in 1870 and it has been helping dry skin heal ever since. Some of the products by Vaseline are tried-and-true classics that are found in the back of everyone’s medicine cabinet. It is a multitasking miracle cream which is used as a lip balm, burns, for diaper rash and many other purposes. It is a reliable and affordable product that keeps your entire body hydrated. Today, the petroleum jelly product company, Vaseline is owned by Unilever. It offers a wide range of products including plain petroleum jelly and a collection of soaps, skin creams, lotions, deodorants and cleansers.

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