Clean & Clear Oil Free Essentials Foaming Face Wash – 100ml

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Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Face Wash-100ml cleans skin and washes away dirt, excess oil, makeup residue that can cause skin problems and makes skin stay healthy and clean. It is an oil-free formula that gently removes oil and dirt to clean and refresh your skin without over-drying.
Squeeze some amount of Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming face wash on your hand and massage it on your moistened or damp face and neck avoiding the eye area. Create lather by massaging it gently for some seconds. Massage it on your face in circular motion and spread it over the neck area by massaging gently. Rinse the lather with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a clean towel. You will have a glowing and healthy looking skin within seven days.
Clean & Clear is an American based brand that creates dermatology products. It comes under the umbrella of Johnson & Johnson. Most of the products by Clean & Clear are targeted towards young women and some products are especially designed to treat particular conditions. Today, Clean & Clear is available in over 46 countries.
This face wash gives effective results by strengthening skin and making it beautifully smooth and clearer on the outside. It is the best choice for the pimple sufferers to have healthier, clearer skin within just three days.

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