Kiss Beauty False Lash Mascara

  • Product Code: 56435
  • Product Name: False Lash Mascara
  • Long Persistent
  • Curling Persistent
  • Intense Elongation
  • Lash Conditioning Complex
  • Unique Formula
  • Tiny Fibers
  • Voluminous Curve With a Single Swish





Kiss Beauty False Lash Mascara has been formulated to be as close to natural lashes as possible. It lengthens, curls and separates the lashes. The newly developed formula contains a lash conditioning complex that improves the appearance of your natural lash whilst wearing this mascara. Kiss Beauty’s False Lash Mascara contains a unique formula with tiny fibers that cling to the lashes and lengthen them and gives a soft and natural looking lash without clumps.

The brush has long bristles that are coated with tiny fibers to add length and thickness to eyelashes. The formula stays thick even after many coats, so no worries about it getting clumpy or sticky. This mascara suits all eye shapes to get the look of false lashes without any clumps. It will be your best friend when you are in a hurry and need to look your best. It is an easy-to-use mascara that will give you long and thick lashes. No more fake eyelashes needed!

Kiss Beauty False Lash Mascara creates a false lash effect with just one stroke. It is the ultimate mascara to create a glam look without compromising the length of your own lashes. It not only gives your lashes an amazing lift, but it also thickens and lengthens them. It gives you the look of false lash extensions without the cost or hassle.

It is a revolutionary mascara that uses an exclusive lash-boosting formula to help you achieve the longest, fullest and most luxurious lashes imaginable in just one application. Your lashes look thicker, longer, fuller and feel significantly stronger with high-impact volume that lasts all day. It can be used on both natural and false lashes, even with contact lenses.


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