Tibet Fruity Lemon Soap – 140g

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Smell pleasant and look clean with Tibet Fruity Lemon Soap-140g. A lathery soap for effective and easy cleansing with a fruity smell overall. Helping with the efficient removal of dirt, dust, and sweat remains, it ensures to bring a clean and clear feeling after a shower. It also raises skin’s softness and makes it smooth in every wash. Formulated with Lemon extracts, it leaves behind a sweet scent for a refreshing bathing experience. You can also use it as your regular soap for routine showering and face washing.

For daily use
Lemon soap – Lemon fragrance
Brings a fruity smell overall your skin
Cleanses thoroughly – efficiently remove dust, dirt, and other impurities
Long-lasting formula – does not dissolve too quickly
Leaves skin clean and soft

Following are some of the benefits of using Tibet Fruity Soap, Lemon, 140g:
Tibet Fruity Soap, Lemon, 140g has detoxifying, anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
It restores your skin and decrease the appearance of cellulite
It has astringent and antiseptic effects, making it great for people having oily skins with dilated pores.
It helps to brighten your skin tone.
It triggers a good mood.
It has a nice scent that refreshes your mood.

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