Nivea Coconut Shower Cream – 250ml

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Indulge yourself in some pro skin care regimen and nourishing with the new Nivea Coconut Shower Cream-250ml. Coming with a gentle formula having jojoba oil and refreshing coconut water aroma, the unfettered richness and easy application of this Nivea Product has made it an ultimate user favorite. You’ll feel the skin being cleansed from the pores in the gentlest of methods and the after effects will make you feel simply rejuvenated.

Product Benefits
Following are some of the worth mentioning benefits of Nivea Coconut Shower Cream 250ml:
Comes with an innovative formula
Dermalogically approved for all skin types
Has fresh coconut water scent accents
Has jojoba oil for extra nourishment

Product Weight
Nivea Coconut Shower Cream 250ml weighs about 250 milliliters.

About Manufacturer
Nivea Coconut Shower Cream 250ml is a top quality skincare product launched by Nivea. Nivea is a German based brand of personal care that specializes in body-care. It is owned by Beiersdorf Global AG which is a Hamburg-based company. It was founded by Paul Carl Beiersdorf in 1882 and was sold to Oscar Troplowitz in 1890. The brand name Nivea is derived from a Latin adjective meaning “snow-white.” The success of Nivea is a result of outstanding creativity, brilliant research, and sound business acumen.

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