Veet Oriental Aloe Vera & Almond Oil Body Strips 20+2 Pack (Imported)


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Veet Oriental Aloe Vera & Almond Oil Body Strips 20+2 Pack (Imported) works on short hair to remove them from your body. With everyday use, you’ll get softer, fewer, and finer hair growing back on your body. It quickly exfoliates your skin to provide smoothness that easily lasts for more than four weeks. These body strips are specially formulated with Aloe Vera and Almond Oil. Aloe vera is popular for its moisturizing properties. The extracts of almond oil make these strips suitable for your dry skin to improve its complexion. The strips also have a nice scent. They have extra grip technology, are easy to use, of premium quality and come in three more exciting variants: Velvet rose and almond oil, rose and almond oil, and vitamin E and almond oil.

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Veet, formerly known as Immac and Neet, is a canadian based brand of chemical depilatory products. It produces hair removal cream, mousse, gel and wax products with different variations that are popular across the world. It was established as “Neet” in 1919 in Canada, from where it expanded to the entire American Continent and Europe by 1922. The name Veet is derived from the French Word “vite” which means quickly. The products of this brand were sold by the name Veet in France but they continued to be sold as Neet in the United States and Canada until 2002.

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