Shield Antibacterial Tooth Brush


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Hamburger, french fries, cheese, and soda. Well, they are everybody’s favorite yet do great damages to your teeth. They stay with your teeth in the corners as well as are a discomfort to eliminate. Shield Antibacterial Tooth Brush not only reaches to the edge as well as cleanses every feasible stain however is also with fantastic antibacterial top qualities. Its antibacterial filaments offer you much better defense and quit microorganisms from expanding. Now what’s better than that right? No scent No tarnish simply a healthy and balanced way of living.

Product Features
Wave-shaped brushes for better removal of germs
Lengthy neck
Dermatologically tested toothbrush
Top quality plastic

Shield is a Pakistan based brand that manufactures products for baby care and oral care. The brand has been active in Pakistani market for over 40 years. It has made its legacy of helping Pakistani mothers care for and protect their child by working towards its purpose with consistency. Its conscientious consumer care is legendary in its own league. Shield is a brand for families, made with love to care. It strives to become the best household and personal care company, and to become a name that’s trusted in every product category it decides to be in. It is committed to become the best consumer product company by focusing its energies on consumer needs and marketing excellence all the while showing compassion and care, maintaining ethical code of conduct, and being fair to everyone.

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